Only those who are enthusiastic can inspire others.

We work professionally as well as with our hearts and understanding. These qualities and an educational approach to childcare make our team outstanding. It’s our special know-how and enthusiasm for a longterm and valuable pedagogical work in cooperation with the kids and parents that distinguish our company. A respectful and professional collaboration within the team as well as with the parents/guardians is possible through further training, team building and quality management spread over the whole year. The future team will be made of two groups. The children will be cared for by two qualified childcare employees, and apprentice or trainee per group.
Sandra | Kita Lakeside Kids Zürich

Sandra Mannhart

Founder / daycare manager

Sandra Mannhart is a qualified “Fachperson Betreuung- Kinder” with extended experience in the field of childcare. Sandra completed the Management in NPO course. To be able to be a small part of a child life is something she greatly appreciates. To accompany a child’s first steps in life and to support and encourage a child in their development is something Sandra is passionate about. It is very important for her, that your child is feeling accepted with us and live and develop in its childhood. Sandra became a mother of a wonderful daughter in October 2018, enjoys every moment and is happy to connect family and work.

Oli | Kita Lakeside Kids

Oliver Both

Co-founder / Administration

Oliver Both is a trained merchandiser with a bachelor degree of Science ZFH in Business Administration with Major in Banking & Finance and worked as a Junior Client Advisor at Rothschild Bank in Zurich. During several years as a team leader of ‚Jungwacht-Blauring’ he gained leadership experience and shared exciting and valueable moments with kids of every age. A respectful and professional handling between the kids, the employees and the parents is essential for him, whereby he supports Sandra in individual leadership and administrative tasks. Oliver became a father of a wonderful daughter in October 2018, enjoys every moment and is happy to connect family and work..

Angelika | Kita Lakeside Kids Zürich


Groupleader Flamingos and qualified childcare specialist / deputy daycare manager

Angelika completed her training as a childcare specialist and has already gained initial experience in building up a new group and as a trained educator. She had to deal with children of different cultures and it was a lot of fun for her to unite them and to create a common basis. In her daily work she loves to put a smile on the children’s faces and to enable them to have many different experiences and to support them individually in the first months and years. There it is important to her to build on the strengths of the children and to support them playfully and creatively. The fact that every day and every child is different and can present a new challenge is a constant motivation for her to learn.

Ambra | Kita Lakeside Kids Zürich


Qualified childcare specialist Flamingos

Ambra originally studied philosophy in Italy and then educational science. During her studies she became more and more interested in early childhood development. She is very happy to have found with Kita Lake Side Kids an environment in which children are warmly appreciated and encouraged. Ambra is looking forward to a beautiful and above all colourful time with the children in the Kita.


Intern Flamingos

You will soon find out more about Claudia here …

Jumper and qualified childcare specialist Flamingos & Hippos

Giulietta | Kita Lakeside Kids Zürich


Groupleader Turtles and qualified childcare specialist

After 6 years in the same daycare, Giulietta moved to Zurich and is now an important part of our team. Supporting and giving appreciation and empathy to the children in their first, formative years is very important to her personally. Since each child has different needs and strengths, she is happy to promote her skills individually and playfully. The work is an asset to her. Looking into bright children’s eyes, Giulietta always motivates.


Jumper and qualified childcare specialist Turtles & Crabs

You will soon find out more about Lorraine here …

Kevin  | Kita Lakeside Kids Zürich


Intern Turtles

Kevin was originally trained as a production mechanic and now wants to get to know the job as a FaBe during an internship. He is happy to support the children in a playful way and to accompany them on their way.

Jordan | Kita Lakeside Kids Zürich


Groupleader Crabs and qualified childcare specialist

You will soon find out more about Jordan here …


Jumper and qualified childcare specialist Turtles & Crabs

You will soon find out more about Lorraine here …

Lara | Kita Lakeside Kids Zürich


Apprenticeship 2018-2021 Crabs

Lara already did an internship for 2 years in a bilingual Montessori daycare. While working with kids she appreciates their honesty and naturalness. Its imported to her to support the kids and help them to become independent.

Dilbar | Kita Lakeside Kids Zürich


Vocational preparation year Turtles


Groupleader Hippos and qualified childcare specialist

You will soon find out more about Michelle here …

Gino | Kita Lakeside Kids Zürich


Intern Hippos, apprenticeship summer 2020 – 2023

Gino is happy to be part of Kita Lake Side Kids and is highly motivated to start his training as a child care specialist in summer 2020. Children make him aware every day that we have to enjoy the little things in life.

Larissa | Kita Lakeside Kids Zürich


Childcare Assistant Hippos

You will soon find out more about Larissa here …

Jumper and qualified childcare specialist Flamingos & Hippos


room cleaner

Our cleaning lady actively supports the team in all household chores and thoroughly cleans the daycare on a regular basis. She has several years of experience in different companies. With her support, we can implement the guidelines from our hygiene concept even better.